Friday, April 18, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Weight: 321.4
Total weight loss: 28.6

That's the good news. (Now, if only I can keep it up and firmly entrench myself in the teens, finally!) I also had a great run, W3D2 on Couch to 5K, yesterday morning. No falling this time!

I am also proud to say that I finally went to my new doctor's office yesterday, and it was hands down the best experience I ever had in that sort of setting, despite my initial misgivings. The office is just a few blocks away from home, which was nice, but also smack in the middle of the Projects, which I didn't realize just by the street address. It's a neighborhood clinic. When I first walked in, it was super busy and the receptionist seemed really distracted (well, she was, no doubt!)... it felt almost chaotic and I nearly walked right out. But I decided to stay and give it a chance, and boy, was I glad I did. Every person I came into contact with there was really, really nice and made me feel completely at ease. My appointment was with a Nurse Practitioner who was just stellar; I didn't feel like I was getting lesser care because she didn't have "MD" after her name at all. She was very pleased with my reported progress on weight loss and an exercise regimen and didn't appear judgmental or critical of my body size at all, which was a relief. I talked to her about a couple concerns I have, first and foremost some heart palpitations that I've been experiencing for a few years (!) now, so she's prescribed an EKG test and I'll be doing that 24-hour halter thingy that monitors my heart, along with a bunch of blood work.

I'm pretty excited to be taking charge of my health again. In the past, I've always been afraid to go to the doctor for varied reasons, one of which is my weight -- just not wanting to deal with their critical eye, really. But since my stepdad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January, I feel more and more compelled to be more active in taking care of myself and staying healthy.

The bad news is: the check engine light came on in my car the other night driving home from work. More than $1200 later, I've got my front brakes replaces and new wheel bearings, plus having to get a mysterious charcoal filter thingy replaced before I can pass inspection next month. I just finished paying off my car, too! All I can say is thank goodness that C. is willing to float me the dough, else I'd have been out of luck or taking public transportation, which isn't the best where I live. Times like that I regret not living within reasonable biking distance of work, although even that would only work in the non-snow months.

Anyway, so that sucked. But, hopefully my car will be good for at least another year or so before I have anything else major to deal with. I'd like to drive it until it is ten years old, so another three years. At least the mechanic did tell me that my car does look like it's in great shape otherwise and three more years is by no means out of the question.

This all happened yesterday... garage in the morning, doctor's in the afternoon... and I was totally unprepared, food-wise and ate nothing at all until I got home at around 3pm. I was super hungry and thirsty, to say the least! I had even had a run in the morning, too, which no doubt made me even more depleted. But, I didn't go crazy when I did get home, just had some crackers and a nice tall drink of ice water, and we had an early dinner of BBQ chicken, roasted green beans and wedge potatoes.

Today, I feel a little frazzled, but generally quite happy. It's a beautiful day, and I can't wait to get home to enjoy the weekend.

Daffodils and Perlitely yours,


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