Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scale be damned

Weight: 325.6
Total Weight loss: 24.4

All I have to say this morning is "Uh."

I know, one day back on track isn't going to instantly show a fantastic loss. Of course I know this. But? An awesome run AND yardwork yesterday, plus eating well? Resulting in nothing but a slight gain?

OMG, I am being exactly like all those diet people who annoy the fuck out of me.

This too, shall pass. For the coming weeks, I am doing this because it makes me feel good, not so that I get good numbers on the scale. Take THAT, universe.

I mean, it DOES make me feel good, and I am becoming stronger and more fit. This I know for sure. And gosh darn it, I am worth that much.

That is all.



Erin said...

I love the way you write! And I agree, that darned scale just isn't moving in the right direction fast enough!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you gained a little muscle? Or maybe you'll get your big loss tomorrow. :)

Roxie said...

It's hard to know what the body does will all the running and the water and the cellular restoration, etc. Just keep doing the good stuff and the scale will follow. You are doing great!

Felicia said...

Stuid scales. You know they are programed against us right? There are little men in there paid to make it say what we dont want it to say lol.

You are doing GREAT. Never doubt it! Just keep on keeping on and before you know it goal will be yours!!


Cammy said...

Great attitude! You're right. It will pass...and take a buncha pounds with it!