Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marathons, Bike-a-thons, 5Ks -- Oh my!

Weight: 318.8
Total Weight loss: 31.2

I'm holding steady! Yesterday I had a Subway sub, and boy do those babies pack in the sodium! I don't have them often, but I do enjoy it occasionally. Today I am feeling a bit loagy, despite having had the best night sleep I've had in a few days. Usually any one of our cats will do something to wake me up in the night, multiple times, whether it's digging ferociously in the litter box, walk on my head and/or claw at my hair and face, or simply wander around howling woefully. Last night everyone must have felt content and stayed quiet for once. Ah. Wonderful. Yet I am more tired today than usual. Also, I am ravenous. Some days I can coast pretty well and not think about eating too much, and other days my body just wants to be constantly fed. I try to listen to it without overdoing it, and I try to keep better snacks on hand. (And in case you were wondering, these are actual hunger feelings in my gut, not just "I want to eat, what can I have?" feelings. I do try to not feed the latter if I can help it.)

So, I am becoming more and more obsessed with running a marathon in 2010, and I am talking about it to people more, hence making myself responsible for achieving the goal. Yesterday I was chatting with the fiscal officer/HR gal at work, and she was just so impressed at all my efforts so far, really encouraging. She thought the marathon was a great idea and said she would definitely come and cheer me on. It was such an ego boost to hear someone so pumped up about my little successes, like with C25K -- she always asks me how it's going.

Last night, I asked C. if he would come and watch me run the marathon. See, he doesn't like going out much and especially among crowds of people. But, he said he would -- I think he thinks it's going to be quite the spectacle. I'm not sure he entirely takes me seriously at this point, but I'll show him! And I won't be a spectacle, either -- not in the way he is thinking. I will be a gorgeous, amazing spectacle running across the finish line. Yes. I can see it.

I do think it is crucial to write down your goals in as much detail as you can. I also think sharing your goals with trusted friends and family is another way to help yourself stick with it and really achieve them . And there is proof about the writing things down part. I heard somewhere (maybe I will look it up later) that those who write down goals have like a 90% success rate! How about that! You can see why keeping up with a blog is so helpful to those of us looking to transform our lives.

So, I have more goals. (I hope I am not making more than I can handle!) One, to start riding my bike regularly, like on the alternate days of my C25K training. I want to ride in The Ride for Roswell and can't decide if I should do the shortest ride (8 miles) or the next shortest ride (20 miles). I'll be doing it in honor of my stepdad, who has been getting treatment there for stage 3 multiple myeloma.

In addition to that, I keep thinking about riding my bike to and from work once in a while. It's an almost 20 mile ride one way, so I don't know how feasible it would really be. I guess I'd want to leave really early in the morning, and then I could leave a little early. I just don't know if there is a route that isn't really traffic-laden, and I don't know if I would be comfortable riding in a lot of traffic. So, baby steps. I will have to do some test rides and see how it goes. It's a big goal, but maybe by the end of the summer I can do it!

Finally, I really need to start registering for some 5Ks this summer. I have a few picked out, and now I just need to sign up and commit. I admit, it's a little scary! I do have feelings of doubt about my abilities, but I shouldn't. Even if I am the last person to finish, it'll be an accomplishment, nothing to be ashamed of.

Something is happening inside me. I feel like I am transforming.


Elaine said...

20 miles each way is a LOT. (And I bike to work whenever the weather co-operates, 5 miles each way.) It would be quite impressive, though. How's the public transit around there? When I got started with my current commute, I did a half & half and put my bike on the bus for part of the route.

Sherri L said...

Holy Crap?
What have you done with Amy???


I am floored, this is so wonderful.

Just completely amazed at such a 180. I am so proud of you.

Kitzzy said...

That is awesome. I think that feeling is that you are becoming a runner. ;)

Singing up for a 5K will definitely help keep you motivated. Don't be intimidated, just focus on finishing the first one then work up to doing it in less time. I still work part of the way, and there is no shame in that. It is such a rush and you'll get hooked.

I am trying to bike to work at least 4 times a week, but I only have 2 miles each way. 20 miles would be very impressive.

radiosilents said...

elaine: Yeah, I figured that it was a lot. I took my bike out last weekend and getting around a block was... interesting. Harder than I thought! I am going to make it a goal still, but I might need a year to achieve it. ;)

sherri: Ha ha! I know, right? I don't know what's going on, maybe invasion of the body snatchers? Just don't expect me to go trampling all over Queens again just yet, though. I still don't know how you guys do that in regular shoes.

kitzzy: I think so, too! I'm trying to put those feelings of intimidation away -- I'm sure it'll be fine. As for the bike, I'll start small. One block at a time, probably! :)

Lisa aka water_nymph said...
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Lisa aka water_nymph said...

wow!! love love love the attitude!! you are really doing this!!

just to let you know, i read a great article in Figure Magazine this month about triathalons.

this is a dream of mine. and you have added to the fire that article lit for me. thank you!!

luckily you are stateside so probably have more opportunity etc, but if you want to check out their website its very very encouraging! they even have a category for women who weigh over 150lbs called Athena:) Which *i* am thrilled about.

Michelle said...

I love the tone of this post!! So positive, optimistic, and you believe and you're alive and you ARE STRONG!! Yes, I love it!

Anonymous said...

It is pretty exciting to start feeling all that potential isn't it. Sound like you are going great!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a similar place weight-wise, and I found your blog through Physics Diet. Glad I did! It's great to hear about your success with getting active. I really would encourage you to try (slowly, but steadily) towards a marathon. I volunteered at one a few years ago, and seeing people crossing the finish line was so inspiring. You don't have to be skinny to finish a marathon, I saw quite a few "fat" people finish, and I saw quite a few "skinny" people collapse. Being in shape is not the same as being thin, don't ever forget that.

I personally love biking. I don't think 20 miles is all that bad, depending on the route of course (lots of hills means no fun) but like any activity, you have to condition yourself for it. Having a quality bike makes a big difference too.

Best of luck!